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We’re redefining the artist management process and building a global community of independent artists and music industry professionals, providing entertainment news, and education on digital music business. We offer marketing, promotions management, and media relations consulting for independent artists. ¬†Follow to stay updated on entertainment and client news, exclusive invitations, and education.

The Mission of I.A.M. Global Network

The mission of I.A.M. Global Network is to create a community for independent artists, musicians, and songwriters to offer entertainment industry news, insider guidance, and education as well as access to a vast network of industry professionals. I.A.M. Global seeks to guide, grow, and empower artists to manage their own career in music.

The Independent Artists Management Global Network is designed to become an association of industry professionals and independent artists committed to building the independent digital music economy. Artists and professionals come together to create opportunities and a millennial community to support creativity in today’s music landscape.